Woven Wire Fence

Woven Wire fencing is composed of intersecting knotted high-tensile wire set out in squares or rectangles. While being highly visible,  woven wire  is also the strongest and most secure of fences. The fence is stretched tight  and attached to posts to keep it from sagging and to prevent escape.

The squares that are formed from the intersecting wires come in all shapes and sizes that can be beneficial for different types of animals, so its great for small and large animals.  See below for more information on woven wire fence types.

Typically, adding an electric high tensile wire at the top of the fence will help keep larger animals from using the fence and the posts to scratch themselves.

Woven Wire

Types of Woven Wire Fence

Types of woven wire fence vary greatly based on height of fence, spacing of the squares, and types of knots.  The type of fence is show by its tag description.

For example: Woven Wire with the classification of 9/49/6 means that there are 9 horizontal lines, the fence height is 49 inches, and the vertical spacing is 6 inches.

Another example being 13/48/3 means 13 horizontal lines, 48 inches tall, with 3 inch spacing.

There are also graduated wire spacing, where the squares at the bottom are smaller to keep smaller animals in or out, while the spacing at the top are wider to save on cost and weight.

The type of woven wire you'll want will depend on your needs: what type and size of animal you are trying trying to keep in or out and your budget.

Contact us if you're inerested in woven wire fence and need help deciding what type you need.

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