Wood Board Fence

Wood board fence is the most traditional and we think, best looking.  It looks great whether its surrounding your yard, enclosing your pastures, lining your driveway or by the road — It is sure to add value to your property.

While it’s great for the perimeter of your yard, it’s very sturdy so it’s great for cattle, horse, and other large animals and can be combined with woven wire, cattle panels behind th

Wood Board Arena

e boards for smaller animals like goats or dogs. High tensile electric wire can also be added for additional security.

Wood Board Fence with crossbuck design.

Wood fence can be customized by number of boards (usually 3 to 4) and cross-buck design.  You may even want to apply a coat of paint to it.

Also great for around barn area, pens, corrals and riding arenas.




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